4 Key Ways to Elevate Your Event Experiences

While Sitting on Your Couch

An event marketer’s job is time consuming and is never done. Thankfully, we know how to make your business stand out, reach the right people who WANT to attend your events, and get more insight into what’s working to attract your audience – work smarter, not harder.

Simple Must Have’s as an Event Organizer and Promoter: 4 Tips for Event Organizers & Promoters

  1. Boost Promo with a local touch – One of the best ways to speak to your audience is through personal invites and utilizing your local media channels. There are plenty of resources that’ll help you get the message out in a cost- effective and timely way. Learn how to increase visibility and be more efficient.

  2. Connect at a Deeper Level – Is your audience segmented based on interests? Ensure your events are shown to the right people at the right time! You shouldn’t have to worry about whether the right people saw your event or if they were actually interested. Segmenting appropriately will not only help you identify your audience better but you’re able to bond with your attendees before, during and even after your event is over.

  3. Use [Strategic] Social Marketing – Social is important, but know how far you want to reach and why. Sometimes it’s good to go beyond Philadelphia and reach others who may be interested in your type of events, but don’t blindly push for people who may not be able to come. Targeting by proximity is the best way to go when looking for attendees.

  4. Get Data and Love Data – It’s important to monitor the success of your event and collect data to build relationships with your attendees… create that loyalty! Make sure you have a platform that’ll help you monitor how well your event performed online and what marketing channels sent you the most attendees.

Whatever you event goals are in 2020, Live Philly can help. Our features and tools are exactly what you need to get you started in the local market.


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